My Dad put a deposit on my little white Prius today. I'll probably get it tomorrow. So happy!


Freakin' Awesome

God, what have I done. Or become. Or something. I will soon be turning 20 (in umm..ten days but who's counting?) and I mean look at me now. I have found my "style", I'm just completely in my skin. Which is great, I guess the teen years really do suck in that sense. I can't wait to move on with my life and into my fab twenties. Yes!

Work is actually getting better. Which is good. All this week I work from 8 to 1, which means taking care of the small animals and then doing the cash register after that. It's so much better than the afternoon! Tomorrow I have off because I'm going down to register for my classes. I'm so excited! I probably won't sleep tonight unless I work out really hard before hand then go to bed at 12 or something.

Totally random, but my debit card numbers got stolen for the third time today. So now I'm -$200 in my account until they can figure it out. Sweet, huh? Nope.


Sample Sale!

So I went to my first sample sale. I was The Warehouse Sale Denim Sample Sale. It was great. I drove with my dad an hour and a half to the LA Convention Center, waited in line for an hour, then spent a little under two hundred on two pants and a shirt. The jeans on the left are Paper Denim and Cloth which I got for $60. The jeans on the right are TAVERNITI SO Jeans that I got for $90. So I'm excited.

Now I also got this shirt that's by Grail and it is so me. It was $30.

That's it for now!


Please Watch This

It's sad/cute at the same time. Aw....

I hate people breeding their pets because they think they would make good parents. Leave it to the professionals, or if it happens naturally so be it.



Just a little. Ok a lot.

But first let me tell you I'm in love with polarized aviator sunglasses. Stuff like this makes my day so much easier because A.) it cuts the glare down and B.) they're cute! Anyway...

It's the end (almost) of my first week at work. I hate to say it, but it really isn't that fun. I stand at a cash register for 5 hours alone and it's really slow except for an hour. It's almost borderline horrible. Gaaaaaah. Like shoot me now for $8.25 an hour. Yeah.

I almost got another job today at ANGL, which is a clothing store, and yes, it is spelled ANGL. Wow what a run on sentence. Anyway, she wanted someone to work full time even with me going to school so that's no fun either and the pay would be $7.50. No thanks, skipping that interview.

Why can't I find a good fashion-y company to work for that pays good to put me through college? Help me please! God I hate money. Why can't we go back to shells like the Native Americans?


Things I've Bought Recently

...By recently I mean within months. A lot of months because I'm broke.

At Urban Outfitters I bought:

At Metropark I bought:

Now I know that the sweatshirt is for a man, but I just got a small and it's nice for cold weather and very...emo-ish. Haha. Yes, those are True Religion Jeans, my friends. The pants fit like a glove, and I love that. I didn't get them cigarette style because I wanted a fuller leg on this one, I don't know why, but it looks so much better.

PS: Also, to all you fashionistas, have you heard about Streetpeeper.com? It's a great website to look and see all the people in different cities and what they are wearing.


Pucker Up!

Yes, that is candy folks. I don't know about you, but I love me some candy. Especially from the Sweet Factory. They have so many choices and it's all so cheap. My favorites are the gummi fangs (pictured here) and the chocolate covered honeycomb. Yummy. I just want to clarify that the fangs do not usually have the sugar on them, but they were mixed with sour candy, so there.

It's raining here and oh so yucky. But I guess April (kinda) showers bring May flowers. I can't wait until school starts. I'll be taking:

1. the retail environment
2. marketing essentials
3. english composition (I've already taken this class, so I might be taking college algebra instead)
4. history of costume
5. technology for business applications

Sounds like fun, right? It also sounds difficult, for a ten week period to be doing that much work. But I'll manage.

I've been wearing a purple turban to keep my head warm. Awesome fashion statement in California anywhere, no?


Ready...Set...The Mood Lounge

So I had an exciting night. I hope you all know that my dad works on the show How I Met Your Mother on CBS. This week is the last week of shooting for season 2, and tonight was the wrap party. So of course my sister and I acted like we were 21 and snuck into the party (duh). It was held at the Mood Lounge in Hollywood on Hollywood Blvd. It was a pretty awesome place.

That unflattering picture of me and oh so very nice picture of my lovely sister Haley was taken at Miceli's, an awesome restaurant that has singing waiters and great bread. We had that for dinner before the wrap party.

At the club, or lounge, whatever, we saw the cinematographer Chris La Fountaine who gave me a hug and talked to us a bit. He's such a nice guy. I'll have to go down and hang out with him and my dad on one of my off days again.


Project FIDM

So here's my admissions project pictures...enjoy. I didn't make these clothes, I just dressed the models. BEFORE pictures are on the left and AFTER pictures are on the right.


Model: Marlene


Model: Marlene


Model: Sara


Model: Joe


Model: Haley

Sorry guys, I had to put my name on everything since it was a project =(. Anyway, I wish I could magically upload my whole project, it was in a green suede photo album and so colorful filled with cardstock and loveliness. Oh boy. Oh and every picture had cordinating accessories, but I'm not going to upload them, too much work. Please comment on my work!


A Few Things...

...I love.

I've started to get into the whole boba phase. It's a tea drink with tapioca on the bottom that you suck up when you are drinking it and you eat them. It's kind of weird, but I've fallen in love with my Boba Loca. You should try it/find a shop/make it yourself. The problem would be where do you find the straws big enough to suck up one of those babies?

So I go into Whole Foods looking for La Principessa's musk, only I dodn't find it. So instead I found this fabulous vanilla and sweet orange spray. I've used it everywhere, my pillows, my sheets, my (cloth) tote bag, my body, my hair. It smells oh so vanilla-y sweet with just a hint of orange. Beautiful. Thanks for the tip on Whole Foods, La Principessa!

Ahem, in the background of that last picture you will see vanilla cream soda. Wonderful. I love the stuff. First of all, it's such a pure vanilla that it tastes like strawberries (if you have it semi-warm). Secondly, it looks like you're drinking a beer. Awesome like a fox.

Last, but not least, I love cute girls. No, I am not a lesbian nor do I intend to be. This is my sister's friend Sara modeling my active wear for my admissions project for FIDM. Look at her smile. I think very highly of someone who smiles like that and really means it. Cute! (Not to meantion the active wear looked great on her)

With that said...I had dinner at Garellos tonight with Kyle and a few other people. No one offered to pay. It was strange. We have also decided to get the Prius and I should get that next week sometime. Yes.

EDIT: Also, the LA Times has a new Fashion section in the sunday edition of the paper. You rock LA Times! Thanks for giving me a heads up on some of your good sample sales to go to! Yeah! The website is updated daily so go check it out.



I got into FIDM. Oh me oh my.



A jean jacket, a high waisted skirt, and look at those almost brand new shoes! I love them!


Drawings of Goodness

My cousin Marlene drew this incomplete picture of Bob Marley. Isn't it good?

I got the job at Petco so I've been celebrating with a dark beer. Ysy!

I have all of my stuff done for FIDM so go me! This is really so exciting. I cen't wait for the hard work to begin.

That's really about it, I haven't really done much the past few days. I am going to a bbq with Kyle to another Kyle's house on saturday, which should be fun.


New Desktop

So I redid my desktop. And now I have donuts for icons (well some of them), a sugar shaker for a cusor and peppers for the background! How great is that? It took me a lot of hard work, and it doesn't even really match, but I like it a lot. It's so cute!

I love food, donuts and these little peppers especially. I couldn't figure out how to do the internet explorer, camera or itunes icons, but of well, three is better than all of them I guess. I'm so crafty.

Maybe I should have been a photography major or a graphics design major. Haha. Yes, I did take the picture of the pepper myself, thank you.

Anyway, today I took the rest of my pictures for my project, it should look good. I'm excited for my interview on thursday. The FAFSA is done, everything is done. I can't wait.

You know what we should do? Mail a digital picture of something, like something you really like, like my dog or your flowerbox or something. A closet. Anything. How fun would that be? Who's up for it? Maybe we can start with a daily digital email of pictures? We can do a random hat pulling of emails!

PS: Look really hard at my taskbar...what is that? What I Wore? Niiiiiiice.


Nice Lady

So I went into Jo-Anns the other day to buy materials for my project. I got talking to my cashier and she wanted to go to FIDM but she couldn't afford to go.

She went to Cal State Fullerton instead but became a buyer for Brighton and went to Japan to study leathers. How fun!

She gave me that mannequin to remember her by. How sweet! Just though I would share.

My project is going great by the way. I can't wait for April 4th, which is when I start school! I'm also getting a new Toyota Prius to make the drive with. Yay!


It's Tax Time!

I'm getting my taxes done today, money is always a good thing. You know what is always a good thing too? Love!

You may not realize it, but you do love everyone. It's not until they are gone that you really know it. That is the worst part. Not being able to say goodbye or I love you to the ones you so call "hate" or "dislike slightly" until the moment has already passed and you are standing in the dust looking into a mirror at yourself.

Honestly, Take a good 15 minutes out of your day every day and introduce yourself to at least one person, make a good impression, have a good laugh, be on your way. During that day, make sure you remind someone you already know how precious your friendship/relationship with them is, even if you/they don't appreciate them/you. It will do a world of good, believe me.

If I had only known the people I have lost a little better, maybe I would feel a little lighter about them passing, as if I had made the best of our time together. Sure, I would feel worse when the time came to swallow them up into the end of ends, but I would heal better and would not be telling you this story.

No, I have not lost anyone recently, but someone close to me has. Let's pray for him and wish him well on his recovery, and please, remember what I said.


Not Dead

Sorry guys, I have been doing shitloads of stuff to get into FIDM please bear with me, new post on thursday...



Are so difficult. Especially for FIDM it seems like. I have to do an application, an essay, a a project (with two parts), it's crazy talk! I'm definitely not excited about this. But I do go for the walkthrough of the school tomorrow. I'm excited about that.

If I go to FIDM, I will be replacing my trusty (yeah, right) old steed of a camaro with a new mazda 3 (yay!) paid for by student loans. Yes, I said that right, I am financing my ride with financial aid. Oh well, I'll just be in debt forever.

No Word on the Petco job yet, although it has only been a day after the interview. I'm sure I'll get it. Hopefully. I'll know by monday.

I added a painter's box to my blog, so paint away people! Have fun with it, I am! This is my first piece of art, show me yours! If you hit save, it saves it on their website, so you don't need to save it on your computer!

Byron goes home tomorrow. But he is mean so it's semi-okay. He called me smelly. And a bunch of other things. Haha how juvenille.


All About Me

Let's meet me shall we.

Hi. My name is Brittany. My birthday is April 5th, 1987, which is coming up really soon. I have a sister named Haley. My parents are still together, although they did separate for a little bit when I was a kid.

Now, I admit I like to listen to Paris Hilton (Turn It Up {Paul Oakenfold Remix}), The Vines, UNKLE, The Faint, and all of that good stuff. I might not mention it a lot, but I totally adore and follow fashion. Friends are my passion. Meeting people is my love. Reading is my vice (HAH).

I may be close to 21, but don't count on me drinking anything but an oatmeal and espresso dark beer. Oh yeah baby. Ask me anything and I'll answer sarcastically. Better than anyone. Better than you. Maybe not. But good.

Did I miss anything? Ask!


Sondre Lerche

This is an awesome music video. Enjoy.


Rant and Other Stuff


My fish. Why can't everyone be like my fish Harold? He's quiet, he listens, he does what he is told (to swim) and eats when he is fed. He never talks back or makes fun of people. I love Harold. You should love him too. Because he's never done anything to you, either.

That's how people should be. They should take a lesson from my fishie foo. The world would be a whole lot better. There would be no plastic surgery because no one would feel the need to do the changes. There would be no cliques, when you go to class no one would stare at you and laugh if you had toilet paper on your shoe or hanging on your pants they would just politely tell you. (Kind of a personal experience) When you go to the beach no one would judge your body. Gah, how nice. Not to name names, but I also go into a knitting store that judges me because of how young I am (how strange). None of this would happen if we would thing like good ol' Harold.

Of course, we are not fish. We do not have little brains that do not think of anything but eating and pumping those gills. But if we did grow something bigger but similar...grand mastering.

Sorry for my little rant. Just people have been bugging me lately.

On a brighter note, Laura and Byron are out here for a week and are coming over for dinner with their family on monday. Should be a good time.


I know I haven't had time to upload any pictures recently, but lots will come soon. I promise. Anyway, I have a job interview at Petco! How exciting. It seems like everything is coming together recently, I can't wait to wear my new outfit to the interview and walk into work (evenually) with pride. Again, wish me luck!

I'm also finishing a knitted/felted bag, pictures on that later.



So, I think I might be going to FIDM soon. Yeah, I'm kind of excited. It would be fun if I got to live downtown and all that jazz. I'm going to major in fashion merchandising which is really what I want to do. Be excited for me people!