Moving? What!

Yes, that is right. The ever so cool Brittany whats-her-face is moving to downtown Los Angeles. But not anywhere is downtown. Right smack dab in the fashion district if LA! Eeek! So many places to see, people to meet (and avoid). So exciting, no? Be excited for me.


Project Runway Explosion!

Tim Gunn (!) was at our school today. Not only did I skip class to see him speak, but I also missed a test. He talked about fashion, what he did to get to where he is, and what he thinks is todays no-nos. But who else was there?

Andre and Nick from Season 2! Of course Nick works at FIDM, and you can read his blog (it's over to the right) so he had to be there. I think Andre works at Otis...or perhaps FIDM. I'm not really sure. I've heard he hangs out in the library.

And here I am with Allister and Lauren while waiting to get our books signed!

Also, I'm so happy I'm learning how to draw, even thought it is kida cartoonish...



So I got a new haircut! A little self promotion doesn't do anyone any harm I guess, if you can even call it that. I know I don't look happy, but trust me, I am.

I'm going to go to borders and just browse the magazine section. Oh lordy I have too many magazines already. =(


Seriousness Alert!

Ok guys. this post is pertty serious, even though it doesn't seem like it.

I am a shopaholic. To the extreme. It has gotten so bad I am in incredible debt because of it. Now I know most of you are thinking "Huh? Serious?" and laughing at my statement here, but it is such a compulsion I don't know what to do about it anymore.

It's been going on for about 4 months now, and it seems like I have to buy something every day. If I can't find what I am looking for, as in leggings let's say, I'll buy True Religion jeans. If I can't find a bag I'll buy a dress. You get the idea. Things have gotten so out of control and I don't know how to stop it.

My therapist says it's stress related, and I can totally see that. I have a bad day, and I opt for the more expensive item on the shelf.

Any questions, comments, suggestions? This is a serious problem people, please help!


Oh you silly Fashionista

Oh how I love Topshop! This is from my predictables site WGSN. Isn't it pretty? I love the colors, the lovely belt and the way the jeans pull the outfit together.

So I have an interview with Anthropologie which I am so excited about. I love their clothes and home accessories but can never afford anything. Maybe now I can.

Did you know that on the cover of the new Vogue magazine some of the shirts are Gap shirts? Crazy huh, since Gap is in so much trouble right now. They are closing their Forthe and Town stores because of their struggles but keeping their shoe store (yes, they have an online shoe store) Piperlime.com open for now.


Nice and Nicer

Awww...my friend Beau left for Kentucky this morning. The fact is that he lives in Kentucky, and has lived there for about 3 years. I haven't seen him since high school. He is so nice and sweet, I feel for him that he has to leave all of us and go back there. I mean seriously, when a boy puts his arm around you and whispers in your ear "You haven't said goodbye to me yet," doesn't that give you chills? I say yet again, aww. He's a sweet guy, just screwed over by girls too much. Seriously. If any of you girls need a nice guy hit up Beau, he'll appreciate it.

Anyway, with that said, I'm having a dinner party on thurday! adodvovrbrebobtbjtro I'm so nervous! I never make food! I'm going to kill all of my guests! I never even have people over! Gaah the pain of it all.

I'm possibly getting a job at Club Monaco. Cool huh?

Ames and I broke up. But you know what? We had it coming. He was always commuting between England and California (You call that a commute?) and we never really got a chance to hang out or talk. It was always craziness.

dude, 1401 hits on this thing? crazy!



So I just made and paid for my first set of Moo business mini-cards! I'm so excited (two weeks, arg) but I mean come on! I can give them to all of my new friends and family and teachers and just plain everyone! Everyne who is everyone should get these litle babies to give out. Seriously.

I have my first appointment with my career advisor tomorrow. Wish me luck on getting something corporate!

So on a website for school I found a certain amount of predictables. What would you like to hear about? Belts?
1.Artisan lacquered or natural raffia, wicker, cane and straw effects
2.Holographic and light-reflective finishes
those are my favorites
The Bell & Dirndl Dress
East/west shapes with strap and metal detailing
(taken from Doneger)
Of course, this is what is happening now. Heh. want to know whats coming up? oooh?
I'll give you a couple, make you come back for more on my next post.
the tech pant
the active dress
the minimal coat
no kidding!



Ok ok, so on the predictables, I "walked behind the desk" and the man banned me for the day! wtf? It's like my first quarter there sir! Monday is going to be iffy, because Tim Gunn is going to be there, so I will be busy all day with that. You guys will have to wait until friday for the predictables I guess!

I'm really into the band Soulwax right now. Especially their song Krack. So good. I love electronic music, it's so hot right now. Listen to it, and be amazed.

Is it wrong of me to be jealous of the fasion designers at my school just because they get to learn how to draw? I even bought a fashion drawing guide so I can be like them! Uh so jealous! I think I might take the sketching class for an elective next quarter just so I can learn to draw =)


Oh, how I wish to put my name on that board. Well wishes to all of the VT families hurt in this...

In other news I bought Another Magazine last night. It's such a great English culture mgazine, I'm sad that it only comes out twice a year. It's packed with interviews, fashion, and articles (I especially loved the one on the Nyau). It was 18 dollars, tax included, but still, it is a great bookazine people! Packed with things! Yummy!

By the way, I get access to predictables at FIDM, which are magazines that predict what will happen fashion wise in the upcoming months. Should I read them and post them here for you all to go and buy the new fashions so you all can be in style first? Yes?


All wishes to VT

So I'm in the student lounge yesterday and the tvs start blasting something about VT (Virginia Tech). What that? I listen closer. A shooting? I whip out my cell phone even though they're not allowed on campus (due to alumni roving around looking for employees all the time) and dial up Mary. She goes to VT as well as her boyfriend. Both of them are safe, and by the time I got home there was 32 dead. Unbelievable.

It's sad to think that people actually do this. I guess the guy was looking for his girlfriend, could not find her, and went on a shooting rampage. What kind of world do we live in? Nuclear bombs, terrorists, and now were not even safe where we go to school? I guess it really hasn't been like the since Columbine, but still, to just go into a classroom and kill everyone in there (God, could you imagine if you skipped that class that day? It gives me goosebumps) what a sad, sad day.


oooh Leather!

I'm not sure if any of you saw this on my wish list over to the right, but I reaaaaalllllyyyyy want this leather jacket by Pierotucci. It looks like it fits great and would be a great jacket to bring over to London, even though I would have to have more layers. It would still look stylish. And since I got paid today....hehehe.

Anyway, nothing really has been going on here, just tiredness.


Myspace, Anyone?

So I made a Myspace page to keep in contact with my friend Laura while she's in Iraq. Does anyone else have a Myspace? We could add each other and be best friends! Haha.

So I got a new home for Harold! I don't know if you remember Harold, but I made a long post about him a while back. He's my betta fish, and now he has a spectactular new home. Yay for Harold!

Blue also has a new head scarf! Haley Fixed it up for him out of a biiiig thing-a-ling that I had. Cute.


Today was my first day of school! It was a long day, but I enjoyed my classes (the retail environment and the history of costume) and I look forward to friday.


My Birthday!

My birthday was April 5th, so I've done a lot of celebrating. It was my20th, so as you can imagine it was great. My sister Haley, Her boyfriend Josh, my friend Joe and I went to Koi, a sushi place in West Hollywood.

The food was soooo good. I just want to stress that because we had to drive 2 1/2 hours to get there (hello traffic!) but it was sooo worth it. Oh and I look like a complete orge in that top picture, but it's the only good picture of Joe and me together. And Josh and Haley...well they're silly. Anyway...we got a dragon roll, a cucumber roll, a soft shelled crab roll, a salmon roll, and the best ever a sunset roll. Also Haley got green beans in a grilled sauce (so good!) and skirt steak. Yummy!


Guest Speak at FiDM

Guess who it is? Tim Gunn is coming to FIDM on April 27th at 11:30. I'll be in class but how exciting! Bradley Bayou is coming on May 2nd at 6:00 and I'll be there, I can't wait!


So Sorry

I've been a little busy driving my new white car around. My cousins from Virginia have come in for spring break which is exciting. My family, my cousin Mary, and her friend Alex went to The Dresden Room in Hollywood for dinner for my birthday, which is on thursday. It was really good food. I had the veal piccata, and it was like butter. Yum. Well, it didn't taste like butter, but you know what I mean.

Work is going well, and I have my school orientation tomorrow. That should be okay unless I hit tons of traffic going down there. I probably won't but who knows. I get to have lunch at the school for free as well, what a bonus. I actualy start school next monday.

I have decided to go to England for my winter break. I know someone who lives over there, and I get a 10 week break, so why not go and visit? He has a mansion with an indoor gym and pool, so it can't be that bad of a situation to hold another person. I think I can deal with the weather as well.

My cousin Shelby didn't come home the night before last night, (she's 15) so my Aunt Jackie had the cops searching for her practically half the day yesterday. It turns out she had passed out and th guy she was with lied to the cops. Oooh scandal!

PS: Look at my farmers tan, eek!