I love these jeans. The Casablanca from AG. They are in my store and they are so so so soft. They don't even feel like jeans. Yummy. It almost feels like baby skin haha.
Anyway, I got really drunk the other night. Bad bad. I usually never drink, and it was just a bad night. I have no idea what got into me, because I'm so mature and all that jazz. Yeah.

This outfit is also in my store and the vest by Young Fabulous and Broke is so cute! I love it and almost bought it.


Marc Jacobs Sunglasses!

Yeah, that's right. These Marc Jacobs sunglasses are mine. MINE. I bought them as a first-quarter-is-over-with present to me. And they were such a good deal. Yummy.

So, like I said, my first quarter is over and done with, and I did pretty good. And with that, I am back. Yay. I've been through a lot these past couple of weeks, getting back together with an old flame, taking care of my dog, loving life. It's good, you know. Life.