So I'm sitting here in class bored as hell and I figured hey I might as well tell you about my night. I went to sushi with my aunt and she says hey derrick came through my line yesterday and he says hi. I haven't seen the guy in months, and he really likes me. I really like him too. In fact you could say he was my first love. God I just wish we would run into eachother again, sorry mom! My aunt says he looks really HEALTHY and so everything should be going good for him. It just makes me think back to those days not for what I was doing but just being with him felt so good. And then the suchef started hitting on me haha he gave me a bear made out of fruit and said I was cute!


Dresses are back!

Dresses are hot this season and can we say r-o-m-a-n-c-e? Romance is back with a mondern twist with billowing features. Yay! Baby doll fashion is hot right now as well, with the whole rainbow of colors included. Be sure to belt that form fitting coat!

Anyway, with that out of the way, three weeks have gone by in my studies already. Whew, fast! I just got a blackberry, so be sure to email me! I've been playing with it all day, its so exciting to get new things. I will be sure to say this, I can't wait for the jeanie pant to come in syle, I'll be wearing those in a heartbeat! I love those things! Forget carrot top jeans, ew. legging jeans will be really hot too, mark my words!


So sorry. I've been overwhelmed with going back to school and all of the projects I've been assigned in the first week. It's crazy. Anyway, I just wanted to share something with you

This is is a dress by Sass and Bide. Pretty, right? I love the shape and the lines, so great.


I love these jeans. The Casablanca from AG. They are in my store and they are so so so soft. They don't even feel like jeans. Yummy. It almost feels like baby skin haha.
Anyway, I got really drunk the other night. Bad bad. I usually never drink, and it was just a bad night. I have no idea what got into me, because I'm so mature and all that jazz. Yeah.

This outfit is also in my store and the vest by Young Fabulous and Broke is so cute! I love it and almost bought it.


Marc Jacobs Sunglasses!

Yeah, that's right. These Marc Jacobs sunglasses are mine. MINE. I bought them as a first-quarter-is-over-with present to me. And they were such a good deal. Yummy.

So, like I said, my first quarter is over and done with, and I did pretty good. And with that, I am back. Yay. I've been through a lot these past couple of weeks, getting back together with an old flame, taking care of my dog, loving life. It's good, you know. Life.



So on this memorial day, a lot of things have happened. My friend from Los Angeles decided to flake and not come out to my house today. Was she planning on telling me? No, not until I called her.

Also, my sister got really drunk last night and came home at 4 in the morning throwing up while her friends held her hair, whatever. The most disappointing thing was she had open bottles of alcohol in her car, in water bottles, labeled what drink it was. Thank god she wasn't pulled over.

Went for a motorcylce ride with my dad. That was nice.

That's it. Have a good memorial day!


Human What?

That's what I was asking myself when I turned on MTV today when I came home from school. But did anyone watch Human Giant 24 later in the day? It got crazy!

Sorry guys, last post for a while, a lot of projects going on. But I'll be reading and replying.