So on this memorial day, a lot of things have happened. My friend from Los Angeles decided to flake and not come out to my house today. Was she planning on telling me? No, not until I called her.

Also, my sister got really drunk last night and came home at 4 in the morning throwing up while her friends held her hair, whatever. The most disappointing thing was she had open bottles of alcohol in her car, in water bottles, labeled what drink it was. Thank god she wasn't pulled over.

Went for a motorcylce ride with my dad. That was nice.

That's it. Have a good memorial day!


Human What?

That's what I was asking myself when I turned on MTV today when I came home from school. But did anyone watch Human Giant 24 later in the day? It got crazy!

Sorry guys, last post for a while, a lot of projects going on. But I'll be reading and replying.


Jeans Finder

Ok, so I found this wonderful little tool called ZAFU.COM and it's a jeans finder. It's pretty good too. You answer a bunch of questions and it gives you a lot of different types of jeans, inexpensive to the designers. When I did it I got a lot of levis, which is suprising because I never really have looked at levis too closely. Maybe next time I'll give them a second look. Youu guys should do it too, it's slightly fun!

I also went to see the movie Fracture, which was really good. I never see movies anymore, I used to see them all the time, and now for some reason I don't. Anyway, it was really good and -pretty- unpredictable and you know I love Ryan Gosling so there. Go see it.


Ok This Is Crazy...


Can you guess what this is? Hmmmm...ok ok I'll tell you. It's rape protection for women and girls. It's actually called FemDefence, and it's just at the testing stages, not in production as of yet. So what do you ladies think of this grand idea? First, i guess, let me tell you how it works.

It is the size of a tampon, and from that info, I think you know what comes next. Yep, it gets inserted "down there". The spike I guess has "no way" of hurting the user, only the raper. But I would think that if you crossed your legs or rubbed them together...I don't know maybe the spike's really small but I mean do these guys (I bet they are men who invented this too haha) really think we'll put this thing up our woo-hoo's just in case? What if I forget? I mean, am I being to weird about this? I think this product is really strange, but in some ways it might work, like going home from a bar or on a late night out. I don't know, you decide because I'm torn.


Mary-Kate = My Idol

I am making a post about my fashion idol, miss Mary-Kate. Yes, she's over used. Yes, she's a tad bit on the really-really-I'm-too-skinny side. But I love [some] of her outfits. Well most of them. Well, take her closet, re-arrange the items, and I loveeeee it.

I don't know. She makes me so happy sometimes. I mean, look at the bag. The scarf. The tights. It's so...me. That's right, me. If I could become a mini-me and lose about 50 pounds I would so steal everything she owns.

You know, I can't even blame her for losing all that weight to begin with. Anorexia is a very difficult thing to explain, to be a part of, it's like you're losing control and to be in control you control your eating, just to an extreme. I kinda went through it, but hey, it was a fluke thing, blah blah blah I'm over it now. It was hard though, because your not in control, ever. I hope she got it/gets it under control.

So I guess that's it. Hate me if you want, but come on, how could you not love that last picture? Foget the person, wouldn't you love to walk outside in a regular beat up old thrifted t-shirt with tons of jewels on? Damn straight.



I got this handbag at Marshalls (yes you heard me right, Marshalls) for 6 dollars. Guess how much they're selling it online? %$! Oh, excuse me, I got too excited. 54 dollars online. A steal at 6. Now now, you might say its ugly, but I love to say "DARE" instead of boring Truth and so this bag was all me. Actually, I had thought it said darc, like dark, and my bag is aqua-light-baby-blue color so I thought "how ironic" and had to buy it. But the dare story is good too.
I almost bought the super cute guess heels but Allister thought that those were over the top.
The moral of the story is, everyone should at least look in their Marshalls once and a while. They might have good finds every once in a while.


Freaky Fashion

So this is where it gets a little creepy in fashion. How would you like an octopus ring? could you imagine having that huge cylinder sticking out from your finger? With a tenticle in it? Ewww. Not me.

In other news, still looking for a job. In other news, not moving, yet. In other...you get the idea...I'm making a dorodango as we speak! If you didn't read my last post, please do, it will fill you in. I will try to remember to take a picture of the final result.

Everyone should drink green tea. It is good for you. That is all.



You might be saying "Brittany, what is that?" right about now. Well, hold you horses, I'm going to tell you what it is dag nagbit. It is a ball of mud. Yes, no joke, that is what it is. A phemonenon right now (did I spell that right? I'm lazy at the moment) in Japan, especially for kindergarden kids (as you might imagine) these Dorodangos have started to catch on here to. All you have to do is spend all freaking day sweating out the moisture in the mudball.

Take a look at the instructions at dorodango.com. I am definately making one of these babies I just have to hand the right cool looking dirt, because I love the way the one pictured here came out. It kind of brings me back to my old crafting days back when I was a kid. Seriously, doesn't it look like fun?


Oh how I love jewelery...

So I made myself this necklace today. I know, totally creative, which I am not. I really really like it. I think I'm hooked on making this stuff. I have a class on it on the 22nd and I can't wait!

So I now know that I have shingles. What is shingles pretell? Well, it is the form of chicken pox one gets when one has already has chicken pox and you are really stressed out to the extreme. I however, do not know how I got this because I am not stressed out. Just pile on the medication.

I really don't understand this new wide leg jean trend popping up. I think it kinda makes your legs look wider (at least mine) but I might be eating my words later.


I'm Infectious!

So right now I have a skin infection. It's crazy all over my face like gnarly. I was going to post a picture, but I think I will spare you all. But believe me, I do not want to go to school tomorrow. Ug, and I feel horrible with all the medication that I am on for this.

Anyway, I have interviewed for an intern position for Grafitipink.com which is an internet site for underthings which I love. They will be so much better than Victoriasecret.com in a year. Check it out! I hope I get the position. I'm so excited, this is such a great opportunity for me, I would be calling vendors and going on errands and talking with the big wigs of the company. oooh!

Yesterday was Brad's birthday. Brad was one of my first if not the first boyfriend I had, and he's still one of my best friends today. Happy 20th Bradley! It was fun.



So now that I am moving to LA, I am now sending out resumes via craigslist.com and I have gotten a couple calls back. But one, that I am totally excited about, is True Religion Jeans. Wouldn't it be so cool to work there? YES! Eeek.