So My dog got fixed. Awesome, but sad. I'm going to my old boss's leaving the bank party. Another awesome. I love my life right now. YES. hahaha. I've been knitting a lot lately, check out my current project pictures on the right. Love you guys! I've also started to bead a lot too. Gotta run, ask me a question and I'll answer it.


The Best Gum EVER!

This gum let's you relax, because it will take away your worries of ever having ugly childern. I repeat, never having ugly children. I have no idea where my dad got this gum, I think he got it from a person he works with or something and did not find it on the street (which would kinda make it that much better). But this is something you have to see.

This gum, made by Blueq.com states (not so quietly) Don't Have Ugly Children. So I guess it only makes you worry more. The web site even says it "...is used by the world's most perfect families." No isn't that just nice.

Sides of the Box

Remember, "It's a crime to be ugly!" Hmm...I may just call that senator about it.

Remember, "It's a crime to be ugly!" Hmm...I may just call that senator about it.


Was fantastic. Sorry guys, no pictures. It was their cd release concert, so tons of people were there in this little room and the band was so good and they're all so cute. The other bands weren't that bad either.

Afterward came the good part, we went to the release party at Jake's house, the guitarist. Everyone was drinking (except me and Haley, she was driving, I don't drink) and we just sat down and people came up to us and started talking to us. This guy Jon told me I looked like the dumb girl from Mean Girls, and took a picture of me to put on his myspace, haha. So I asked for his number. I probably won't call him. Then this other guy Brett was really nice too. Think Ryan Seacrest, only with black hair and dark eyes. He was really funny, and is going to film school! Awesome.

Why was all of that so hard to write? It's not like I had a hangover...I am going to their next show at Zen Sushi. Very nice!


Photography project: Orchid

So here's my recent photography project, an orchid. It's not great, but tell me what you think.

I haven't decided which one I liek the most...please comment and tell me your opinions!


Wonderful Dinner and a New Place to Sleep

So last night I tried another take on the LA Times Five Spice Pork Belly recipe for the year of the pig. It was a delicious meal, so I have decided to share to altered recipe with you.

Five Spice Pork Loin

1/4 cup soy sauce

2 tablespoons sugar

1 teaspoon chinese five spice powder

2 pounds pork loin

1. Combine the first three ingredients and mix them together until completely dissolved.

2. Put the pork loin in a ziploc bag and pour the marinade over it, then seal it up and make sure every inch of it is covered. Put it in the fridge for at least 4 hours (I did 5 1/2) turning every so often.

3. Heat the oven at 450 degrees. Roast until the thermometor comes to about 180 and take it out. Let it rest for 10 minutes.

4. Enjoy!

Anyway, with that out of the way, my dad (since he works at Fox Studios) bought me the comforter from the movie The Adventures of Ford Fairlane. It is pretty cool, black with rainbow squiggles (kinda) all over it with like a red velveteen border. You would have to see it in order to not think it was cheesy, and I don't feel like taking another picture, I've been taking pictures all day. I did hear though that the movie was a flop, but of well. I now own a piece of history on my bed. Wow, what an achievement. Haha, whatever.

Blue On TV and I can't Knit!

So it seems like I've forgotten how to purl! I'm trying to make a scarf that goes k3 p3 k3 p3 k3 p3 k3 and i know in order o go over to p you need to put the yarn in front of the needle, then put the needle in front of the needle. Am I making sense? Why is it not working for me? By the way, I'm left handed, so I do things kinda backwards. Help!

On other news, Blue and I will be in an upcoming episode of How I Met Your Mother on CBS. How exciting is that? His first job! We should be filming in like three weeks, so the episode should be coming to a tv near you in a couple months. Watch for us!


Just a couple of things

So I've just been spending away lately. I've decided to get a whole new image, a more sophisticated, edgy look for my 20th year that is soon to be coming up in April. (Yay!) I just don't want to look 15 anymore. I remember when I used to be called green eyes when I had my super short hair, so I cut my long hair to my shoulders. I've been eating really healthy lately, losing some weight that I don't really need to lose, but hey, when you eat healthy, you gain in other ways other than a good meal, right?

Getting back to the first statement, I've been spending way more money than I should to get this new look. New jeans, new shirts, belts, heels, shoes, blah blah. I need it. I need a hole in the head. But you know what, I'll definitely be sophisticated and edgy, while spending my last dime. But anyway, on to the good stuff.

I will be seeing Blueskyreality on saturday night at [edit] The Troubadour [/edit] in West Hollywood. (I think.) The band is really good, and my sister (who I'm going with) knows the guitarist Jake Koops. He is such a laid-back guy and really nice. The band deserves all the support you can give them, so click on the link, go to their myspace, add them and maybe download a couple songs go play on your itunes or whatever you have.


Portobello Mushroom Pizza

So I made this wonderful dinner for myself last night. It consists of a portobello mushroom, a little tomato sauce and some grated reduced fat (or whatever you want) mozzarella cheese. I grilled my portobello mushroom on medium heat for 5 minutes a side then put the toppings on then cooked it for an additional 5 minutes. Sounds easy right?



This is so cool...I'm in love. With pirate bread.

What, you ask? Well, let me explain. You see, I am addicted to Taste Spotting. I don't know if any of you know it, but I love looking over sweet, little crunchlets of food and their makers. So when I stumbled upon theis skull and crossbones toast! How completely wild is that!

Now, I'm not all that punk anymore, but I'm still a wild child on the inside, and this fits my cravings for crazy food all right! (Image taken from taste spotting)

Anyway, to get back to my life, I took Blue in to get fixed today and whoops, wrong monday! It's next monday for sure. I also went to see Breach, which was a fantastic movie based on a true story. I recommend completely.

Edit: I guess I should say where this toaster is located. It is a German product, and can be found here at Tom Wet.


The Subject on Family

So I was thinking today about how I will be turning 20 in about a month, April 5th to be exact. That lead to more thoughts about my life, the long, almost 20 years. I concluded that I have changed. A lot.

You see, I used to be a punk. Literally. I listened to punk music. I did what ever I wanted. I hung out with who ever I wanted. I went wherever I wanted. I didn't care. Especially what my parents thought. What a horrible life to live huh? Not when you're 16 though. I thought it was the coolest thing to do.

Not anymore. Looking back, that life was utterly stupid. Honestly, on the inside I hated it. I also hated myself. I know, it's so cliche, but it's also so true. I love my family. I would die for them. They do everything for them. It's sad it took me 4 years to realize it.

Today I went to the mall with my dad. You know what? I really enjoy it. I enjoy doing things with my family more and more because in the end, I will move out soon and I won't see them nearly as much as I did, so I need to spend as much time with them as I can.


Today's Adventure...

...The prickly pear!

This little pink thing is quite a mystery to me, although we do have a lot growing in our yard. So my sister and I decided to get one down of of the catus and try one.

A light pink on the outside with little spiny needles all over, the inside smells like a tomato and looks like a big stick juice pop. It didn't tate like anything in particular though.

Through a little bit of research, I found out that you can get rid of the spikes either by holding the prickly pear over a flame or peeling it. It also loses a lot of it's nutritional value after you cut it from the catus, so you should consume it soon after you pick it.

I wonder if there are any good recipes for these little warriors.


Back Home!

So I decided to come home early, which was the best thing to do, even if it was a sad goodbye. The dogs were a little...mean to good old Blue. So I flew back to California. It's nice though because I've gotten a hold of some old friends, so that's good.

Pictures and stuff of my trip to come, including some awesome muffins and some Native American food from the Native American History museum at the Smithsonian.


Mom, this is the website I wanted to show you...would this work for Aunt Audrey?



So Matt and I went to Bonefish tonight for dinner. It was really good, I had the crabcakes. Anyway everything is all good. I love you guys and I miss you!


Hey Mom, Dad...

Bob was really nice. He's a slightly beefy, tall, softspoken guy that has a white beard.

Uncle Pete did ask about you, he sends his regards and wishes everyone is well. It was good to see him again.

I hope that funeral goes well, and my heart goes out to the family.

<3 Brittany.


Evil Man no more...

Well it's monday, so I guess Blue and I have made it through the weekend. Blue really misses Quincey, he whines sometimes. He's also really nervous when I leave, I guess he looks for me a little.

The other dogs, Max and Murphy, were at first unsure of what Blue was. They tried to attack him on several occasions. The first day it was like, "Oh crap, why did I bring him?" but now it's all good. Murphy still barks at him in a mean way, but not often.

It is cold out here, but it's not as cold as I expected. In the morning I can walk Blue outside to go potty in just my pjs. But at night it is absolutely freezing. Blue has had a couple accidents because he does not want to go outside, but I'm sure it will change with time.

Walking Blue out here is almost magical. The trees are beautifully crooked, without leaves attached. The houses are all mostly two stories, and they look so old fashioned. There are pools of ice laying in the road, it's just so nice to see a change.

And lastly, Aunt Audrey, Bob and I went to go see Notes on a Scandal yesterday. It was a pretty good movie. Strange, sometimes creepy, but good.

See you soon!


Leaving on a jet plane

Going to Virginia. I'll update when I can. Bye Mom, Dad, and Haley! See you on the 18th. Ciao!