Evil Man no more...

Well it's monday, so I guess Blue and I have made it through the weekend. Blue really misses Quincey, he whines sometimes. He's also really nervous when I leave, I guess he looks for me a little.

The other dogs, Max and Murphy, were at first unsure of what Blue was. They tried to attack him on several occasions. The first day it was like, "Oh crap, why did I bring him?" but now it's all good. Murphy still barks at him in a mean way, but not often.

It is cold out here, but it's not as cold as I expected. In the morning I can walk Blue outside to go potty in just my pjs. But at night it is absolutely freezing. Blue has had a couple accidents because he does not want to go outside, but I'm sure it will change with time.

Walking Blue out here is almost magical. The trees are beautifully crooked, without leaves attached. The houses are all mostly two stories, and they look so old fashioned. There are pools of ice laying in the road, it's just so nice to see a change.

And lastly, Aunt Audrey, Bob and I went to go see Notes on a Scandal yesterday. It was a pretty good movie. Strange, sometimes creepy, but good.

See you soon!

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