Mom, this is the website I wanted to show you...would this work for Aunt Audrey?


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Well, finally i get a chance to catchup on your trip. I had just a monster week at work and didn't do anything after tuesday night except come home and go straight to bed. The show had really good ratings this past week so maybe it will go another couple of seasons. Your description of virginia on your early morning walks was interesting. And poor Blue, he must really be blue as in frozen. Your photo caused a sensation at work to say the least. I think what caught everyone's attention was the sweater. It's just a really funny picture. I don't know if I ever told you but on of the women at work has a podium that she wheels around during shooting. On the front people has posted photos of their dogs with their names like fluffy and the like. I would love to post that photo anonymously and put his name as "Animal". Anyway, Saturday's here although it looks rainy i'm just looking forward to decompressing a bit. Haley is feeling better after looking just terrible earlier in the week. Mom took friday off and hung with haley and practiced tennis. So the weekend is here. Hope you're having fun, it sounds like you are. It's really good to see you writting again. I always enjoy your take on things. I love you and miss you. I think I even miss Blue. Bye for now my little darling.