All About Me

Let's meet me shall we.

Hi. My name is Brittany. My birthday is April 5th, 1987, which is coming up really soon. I have a sister named Haley. My parents are still together, although they did separate for a little bit when I was a kid.

Now, I admit I like to listen to Paris Hilton (Turn It Up {Paul Oakenfold Remix}), The Vines, UNKLE, The Faint, and all of that good stuff. I might not mention it a lot, but I totally adore and follow fashion. Friends are my passion. Meeting people is my love. Reading is my vice (HAH).

I may be close to 21, but don't count on me drinking anything but an oatmeal and espresso dark beer. Oh yeah baby. Ask me anything and I'll answer sarcastically. Better than anyone. Better than you. Maybe not. But good.

Did I miss anything? Ask!


The Evil Kitten said...

Not as sarcastic as me. Haha.
Changed the name of my blog... www.theveryevilkitten.blogspot.com
Let you know of reasons later!

Brittany said...

oh I think so...