Myspace, Anyone?

So I made a Myspace page to keep in contact with my friend Laura while she's in Iraq. Does anyone else have a Myspace? We could add each other and be best friends! Haha.

So I got a new home for Harold! I don't know if you remember Harold, but I made a long post about him a while back. He's my betta fish, and now he has a spectactular new home. Yay for Harold!

Blue also has a new head scarf! Haley Fixed it up for him out of a biiiig thing-a-ling that I had. Cute.


Lauren/ evil said...

I prefer the word- thingamabobber, but yours is cool too. Blue sure has a style all her own! (I'm assuming it's a girl, correct me if I'm wrong). Awesome fish bowl! I'm sure Harold feels like he should be on MTV's "Cribs". (Again, I'm assuming he's a guy).

Brittany said...

Blue is actually a boy haha

lauren said...


Emma said...

you have a friend in iraq?
cool. i mean, not cool as in "ohmygod, iraq, war, like, awesome!" but i really respect the soldiers and i think it's great that people are devoted to fighting for our country, even though i completely disagree with the war.
why am i getting all political?
my main point was that skull scarves rock, and little cute puppies rock even harder.