Seriousness Alert!

Ok guys. this post is pertty serious, even though it doesn't seem like it.

I am a shopaholic. To the extreme. It has gotten so bad I am in incredible debt because of it. Now I know most of you are thinking "Huh? Serious?" and laughing at my statement here, but it is such a compulsion I don't know what to do about it anymore.

It's been going on for about 4 months now, and it seems like I have to buy something every day. If I can't find what I am looking for, as in leggings let's say, I'll buy True Religion jeans. If I can't find a bag I'll buy a dress. You get the idea. Things have gotten so out of control and I don't know how to stop it.

My therapist says it's stress related, and I can totally see that. I have a bad day, and I opt for the more expensive item on the shelf.

Any questions, comments, suggestions? This is a serious problem people, please help!


lena/evilkitten. said...

The more you buy, the more you want. Let everyone you know about this problem. Never be alone. That way, when you want to go to the mall and buy something, your friend/family member will stop you. And DO NOT get a jod at Club Monaco, as since it's in the mall, it's even MORE tempting.
Alter your paycheck so that X amount automatically goes in a savings acount, not a checking account. This way, you only have enough for what you need with a small amount of shopping money every month. This will help you refrain from spending too much.
You also need to reward yourself. Say you make $24,000.00 a year. To stick to what I just said, you have $313.00 a month to spend on clothing. If you go, say, six months without spending more than the 313.00 a month, treat yourself to a nice pair of jeans, or a good basic (neutral sweater?) that will last a long time, instead of the most expensive, trendiest piece.
Hope all this helps! Keep me updated.

lena said...

You can be alone sometimes, by the way, but DO NOT go to the mall alone, and your friend/family member will help you refrain from splurging.

Brittany said...

well my career is in retail, so i have to get the anthropologie job.

lena said...

hmm, that's fine, just go with someone to and from your jod, or carry a small amount of money around. I would advise you to not taking your debit card to work, or if you do, make a tight scheduele so thast you have no time for shopping.

Brittany said...

its not like i buy stuff randomly like that. i buy what i want when im stressed. its hard to understand, but i have to have my debit card with me. i buy what i want when i want it, it just happens to be on a daily basis. i need some way of cutting down what i want and relating that to stress.

La Principessa said...

Been there--totally, totally been there. For me, whenever I was frustrated with my life, I would buy clothes in what I guess was an attempt improve it. I think that you just have to be constantly aware that clothing doesn't actually give you a better life (much as I love it), or in your case, that buying something is only going too add to your stress. Challenge yourself to go, say, two weeks without buying any clothing (or anything else if you feel really strong), and after two weeks, see if you still feel such a strong need to shop. Doing that helped me quite a bit.

lena said...

I agree with La Principessa.