Dresses are back!

Dresses are hot this season and can we say r-o-m-a-n-c-e? Romance is back with a mondern twist with billowing features. Yay! Baby doll fashion is hot right now as well, with the whole rainbow of colors included. Be sure to belt that form fitting coat!

Anyway, with that out of the way, three weeks have gone by in my studies already. Whew, fast! I just got a blackberry, so be sure to email me! I've been playing with it all day, its so exciting to get new things. I will be sure to say this, I can't wait for the jeanie pant to come in syle, I'll be wearing those in a heartbeat! I love those things! Forget carrot top jeans, ew. legging jeans will be really hot too, mark my words!


Emma said...

Supposedly men don't like girls in babydoll dresses, but they can just suck it up because I love babydolls. They're so simple and chic and flattering if worn the right way.

Brittany said...

I can totally agree with you there, my dad says it makes us look pregnant! Nuh uh!

Tru said...

I love dresses

alexgirl said...

I love love love dresses. But babydolls make me feel like I look fat sometimes. Not all the time. Screw it. They're awesome.
Jeanie pants, huh? PLEASE post a pic of yourself if you get some.