Hey! My name is Brittany, and I live in the Ventura County area of California. Come on, get to know a little about me...

One thing I love to do is eat, and I eat a lot! I'm lucky, because at 20 years of age, I still live with my wonderful family. My mother makes great food, incredible food, which I will post about on upcoming dates. My vice is chocolate, especially dark chocolate. There's just something seductive about it, don't you agree?

I might not have the best fashion cred, or the wallet to afford to attempt to get some, I love reading about it, and watching aspiring go-getters of the world get their 15 minutes of fame (maybe longer).

BlueI have the greatest Chihuahua ever! His name is Blue, and at this point he is 5 and a half months old. I love being a dog owner. There's so much responsiblity involved and I love teaching him things. I taught him (via puppy class a la Petsmart) how to leave things on the floor if they drop, such as a piece of food or a small toy. My sister, Haley, was unusually suprised at how well he did. Yay!

Blue and I are going to Virginia this friday to visit friends and family. I can't wait to experience the food, the people, the snow (possibly). We'll be there for two weeks, coming back on 02/15/07. What a trip it will be.


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