Surfing through the web this morning has proven to be worthy of the time. I found some great kitchen utensils that are almost a necessity in my everyday life! I think I'm going to have to buy some of these little gadgets!

Dual Grinder

Dual Grinder This to me is such a great product because you have both the salt and the pepper all in one grinder. You don't need to bring out two grinders to the table, or reach for both while eating...all you have to do is grab it and twist the nob to either spice then grind away.


Flexicado This is like the ultimate tool for my mother. We both love avocado on everything, be it a burrito or panini or salads and soups. Now, I must admit my mom can slice and dice an avocado pretty easily, but I am the worst at it. Not anymore - just look at those teeth just waiting to pry out those creamy little sections of green gold. Easy to use, slice an avocado in half, and run the Flexicado through (pit and all!) in one scooping motion.


Grapefruiter This is so handy for both my sister Haley and my mom. They love grapefruits, but it's just so darn hard to get the sections out of there! My sister actually goes through the trouble of peeling the grapefruit like an orange, then eating the slices. But this is a revolution of sorts. You just insert the Grapefruiter into the section of your choice, squeeze, and out pops the section! Enjoy it without those pesky membranes getting in your way.

Garlic Machine

Garlic Machine I don't really like garlic, but I can handle it in small doses. I think the most work out of the whole dish is to get the garlic clove out of it's "shell". No more! Well, actually with this item you still have to peel the garlic cloves, but you can insert as many as it will hold and like a pepper grinder you can mince your own garlic at any time. You can store what's left in the Garlic Machine in the fridge.

Interesting, no? All of these items can be found by going to their direct site here at Chef'n.

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