Blue On TV and I can't Knit!

So it seems like I've forgotten how to purl! I'm trying to make a scarf that goes k3 p3 k3 p3 k3 p3 k3 and i know in order o go over to p you need to put the yarn in front of the needle, then put the needle in front of the needle. Am I making sense? Why is it not working for me? By the way, I'm left handed, so I do things kinda backwards. Help!

On other news, Blue and I will be in an upcoming episode of How I Met Your Mother on CBS. How exciting is that? His first job! We should be filming in like three weeks, so the episode should be coming to a tv near you in a couple months. Watch for us!


Angela said...

My favourite "what the heck am I doing wrong?" site is:


It has videos that show you exactly how to do...well, just about everything.

It's also helpful that they have both english (right handed) and continental (left handed) styles.

Hope this helps and happy knitting.


Anonymous said...

You're going to be on TV? Awesome! Details, please.
Kory MIGHT like it? Ag! I'm going to go crazy. I like definite answers, not mights or maybes. Please tell me what to do!

Brittany said...

I will be sure to tell you when we film, and when the show will air, theevilkitten. thanks angela!

αrωεη said...

Knitting? Never knit in my life, actually, I'm interested in learning...

Brittany said...

that's awesome! i love to knit, although im not very good

The Evil Kitten said...

Visit blog. Pronto.