Just a couple of things

So I've just been spending away lately. I've decided to get a whole new image, a more sophisticated, edgy look for my 20th year that is soon to be coming up in April. (Yay!) I just don't want to look 15 anymore. I remember when I used to be called green eyes when I had my super short hair, so I cut my long hair to my shoulders. I've been eating really healthy lately, losing some weight that I don't really need to lose, but hey, when you eat healthy, you gain in other ways other than a good meal, right?

Getting back to the first statement, I've been spending way more money than I should to get this new look. New jeans, new shirts, belts, heels, shoes, blah blah. I need it. I need a hole in the head. But you know what, I'll definitely be sophisticated and edgy, while spending my last dime. But anyway, on to the good stuff.

I will be seeing Blueskyreality on saturday night at [edit] The Troubadour [/edit] in West Hollywood. (I think.) The band is really good, and my sister (who I'm going with) knows the guitarist Jake Koops. He is such a laid-back guy and really nice. The band deserves all the support you can give them, so click on the link, go to their myspace, add them and maybe download a couple songs go play on your itunes or whatever you have.


αrωεη said...

Happy Early Birthday!

The Evil Kitten said...

I'll be away until April eigth. When in April? Oh, and you spelled Definetely wrong.

Brittany said...

well thank you arwen! the evil kitten...im april 5th, and thank you, its in my nature to spell everything wrong.

Brittany said...

actually, the evil kitten, its definitely. thanks for pointing out my error though! reference