Was fantastic. Sorry guys, no pictures. It was their cd release concert, so tons of people were there in this little room and the band was so good and they're all so cute. The other bands weren't that bad either.

Afterward came the good part, we went to the release party at Jake's house, the guitarist. Everyone was drinking (except me and Haley, she was driving, I don't drink) and we just sat down and people came up to us and started talking to us. This guy Jon told me I looked like the dumb girl from Mean Girls, and took a picture of me to put on his myspace, haha. So I asked for his number. I probably won't call him. Then this other guy Brett was really nice too. Think Ryan Seacrest, only with black hair and dark eyes. He was really funny, and is going to film school! Awesome.

Why was all of that so hard to write? It's not like I had a hangover...I am going to their next show at Zen Sushi. Very nice!


Anonymous said...

The dumb girl? Yeah, her name in the movie is Caren, I think, but you look nothing like her!

La Principessa said...

CD release parties are the greatest! Anyhow, I've seen that you read my blog sometimes, and I was wondering if you might want to participate in my Thrift Score Challenge. I don't know if you're much of a shopper/thrifter, but if you are, please feel welcome to participate! Follow the link for full details if you're interested. And have good times at your next party!

Brittany said...

aw thanks evil, i appreciate it! if you ever see my picture on myspace give that person a good smacking!

la principessa- I would love to participate, I love to thrift!