Freakin' Awesome

God, what have I done. Or become. Or something. I will soon be turning 20 (in umm..ten days but who's counting?) and I mean look at me now. I have found my "style", I'm just completely in my skin. Which is great, I guess the teen years really do suck in that sense. I can't wait to move on with my life and into my fab twenties. Yes!

Work is actually getting better. Which is good. All this week I work from 8 to 1, which means taking care of the small animals and then doing the cash register after that. It's so much better than the afternoon! Tomorrow I have off because I'm going down to register for my classes. I'm so excited! I probably won't sleep tonight unless I work out really hard before hand then go to bed at 12 or something.

Totally random, but my debit card numbers got stolen for the third time today. So now I'm -$200 in my account until they can figure it out. Sweet, huh? Nope.


Miss V. said...

It's cool you'll be turning 20 soon! I totally agree that teen years suck when it comes to style, I still haven't really found mine. But oh well. What classes are you signing up for?

Brittany said...

i'm taking the retail environment, technology for business applications, history of costume and marketing essentials