It's Tax Time!

I'm getting my taxes done today, money is always a good thing. You know what is always a good thing too? Love!

You may not realize it, but you do love everyone. It's not until they are gone that you really know it. That is the worst part. Not being able to say goodbye or I love you to the ones you so call "hate" or "dislike slightly" until the moment has already passed and you are standing in the dust looking into a mirror at yourself.

Honestly, Take a good 15 minutes out of your day every day and introduce yourself to at least one person, make a good impression, have a good laugh, be on your way. During that day, make sure you remind someone you already know how precious your friendship/relationship with them is, even if you/they don't appreciate them/you. It will do a world of good, believe me.

If I had only known the people I have lost a little better, maybe I would feel a little lighter about them passing, as if I had made the best of our time together. Sure, I would feel worse when the time came to swallow them up into the end of ends, but I would heal better and would not be telling you this story.

No, I have not lost anyone recently, but someone close to me has. Let's pray for him and wish him well on his recovery, and please, remember what I said.


Anonymous said...

very insightful. Thanks for opening my eyes.

αrωεη said...

I know what you mean. Sometimes I wish I'd known my grandfather a bit better. I always told him I loved him, and even though I meant it, I wasn't very close to him.

Brittany said...

arwen, me too but with my grandmother. its a sad thing, isnt it?