Please Watch This

It's sad/cute at the same time. Aw....

I hate people breeding their pets because they think they would make good parents. Leave it to the professionals, or if it happens naturally so be it.


lauren/evilkitten said...

She was a lovely puppy. I can't believe that the father of her was the father of her mother! That's sad and inhumane. I'm really glad that you put it up on your blog here. it will educate a lot of people, I'm sure.
The good news? I've had four cats in my life, all spayed/neutered. I also have a dog, and she was spayed, too.
In twelve hours I'll be at the airport!!

Brittany said...

yay, go hawaii!
yeah, she was such a cute puppy, she walked like a duck, right? but I'm guessing she was probably put down because of that. it's always best to fix your pets

αrωεη said...

Agreed 100% on all fronts. With you, not them.

Brittany said...

well thank you.