Just a little. Ok a lot.

But first let me tell you I'm in love with polarized aviator sunglasses. Stuff like this makes my day so much easier because A.) it cuts the glare down and B.) they're cute! Anyway...

It's the end (almost) of my first week at work. I hate to say it, but it really isn't that fun. I stand at a cash register for 5 hours alone and it's really slow except for an hour. It's almost borderline horrible. Gaaaaaah. Like shoot me now for $8.25 an hour. Yeah.

I almost got another job today at ANGL, which is a clothing store, and yes, it is spelled ANGL. Wow what a run on sentence. Anyway, she wanted someone to work full time even with me going to school so that's no fun either and the pay would be $7.50. No thanks, skipping that interview.

Why can't I find a good fashion-y company to work for that pays good to put me through college? Help me please! God I hate money. Why can't we go back to shells like the Native Americans?


La Principessa said...

Work is rarely fun. I used to be severely underpaid at a legal library, and the only advantage to it was that I got to spend a lot of quality time with my iPod.

By the way, let me know if you join Wardrobe Remix. I think I'm going to!

lauren/evil said...

Well, you should come up here. With the labor shortage, Petsmart is paying (starting at) $12 an hour. And Dairy Queen starts at $11.25.
I love the sunglasses, though!

Lauren is theevilkitten! said...

Please visit my blog. Now.

Brittany said...

wow i wish i had a job where i could use my ipod!

Brittany said...

12? 12? god i wish it was like that here