Project FIDM

So here's my admissions project pictures...enjoy. I didn't make these clothes, I just dressed the models. BEFORE pictures are on the left and AFTER pictures are on the right.


Model: Marlene


Model: Marlene


Model: Sara


Model: Joe


Model: Haley

Sorry guys, I had to put my name on everything since it was a project =(. Anyway, I wish I could magically upload my whole project, it was in a green suede photo album and so colorful filled with cardstock and loveliness. Oh boy. Oh and every picture had cordinating accessories, but I'm not going to upload them, too much work. Please comment on my work!


Emma said...

wait. you MADE those clothes?
or did you put the outfits together?
because either way, that's AWESOME.

Brittany said...

I just put the outfits together. I should explain that more clearly. Thanks for the comment

La Principessa said...

I like the careerwear

Brittany said...

i loved the career wear pants so much, i should have bought them for her.

Alex Richards said...

Awesome. They all look great. The evening wear is hot! I also like the Active wear jacket.
So this was your admissions project? Wicked. Good luck. Let us know what happens!

αrωεη said...

Ooh, love them! I especially like the last Evening Wear dress.

Lauren/evil said...

WOW. You are my hero. I definetely like the the casual wear. props to you, my Californian friend :)

Brittany said...

thanks everyone!