Ready...Set...The Mood Lounge

So I had an exciting night. I hope you all know that my dad works on the show How I Met Your Mother on CBS. This week is the last week of shooting for season 2, and tonight was the wrap party. So of course my sister and I acted like we were 21 and snuck into the party (duh). It was held at the Mood Lounge in Hollywood on Hollywood Blvd. It was a pretty awesome place.

That unflattering picture of me and oh so very nice picture of my lovely sister Haley was taken at Miceli's, an awesome restaurant that has singing waiters and great bread. We had that for dinner before the wrap party.

At the club, or lounge, whatever, we saw the cinematographer Chris La Fountaine who gave me a hug and talked to us a bit. He's such a nice guy. I'll have to go down and hang out with him and my dad on one of my off days again.


lauren said...

Oh, you're worse than me. you look GREAT in that picture!
And what does you Dad actually do for the show?
BTW, if he was there then how did you sneek in without him noticing?

αrωεη said...

I want to see that show so bad!!

That's a greta picture! I'm so unphotogenic it's depressing. LOL!

Brittany said...

oh my dad snuck us in. you had to be 21 to get in, so he did the honors. my dad is the lighting best boy. yeah, weird name.

lauren said...

awesome, I want a dad like that

Brittany said...