Pucker Up!

Yes, that is candy folks. I don't know about you, but I love me some candy. Especially from the Sweet Factory. They have so many choices and it's all so cheap. My favorites are the gummi fangs (pictured here) and the chocolate covered honeycomb. Yummy. I just want to clarify that the fangs do not usually have the sugar on them, but they were mixed with sour candy, so there.

It's raining here and oh so yucky. But I guess April (kinda) showers bring May flowers. I can't wait until school starts. I'll be taking:

1. the retail environment
2. marketing essentials
3. english composition (I've already taken this class, so I might be taking college algebra instead)
4. history of costume
5. technology for business applications

Sounds like fun, right? It also sounds difficult, for a ten week period to be doing that much work. But I'll manage.

I've been wearing a purple turban to keep my head warm. Awesome fashion statement in California anywhere, no?


αrωεη said...

History of Costume, eh? That sounds cool! I didn't know there was such a thing.

Candy is good- no matter what. (:

Seriously, you have NOT seen the weather here! It snows in the morning, great, big snowflakes, and then it'll get nice and warm in the afternoon, so you don't have to wear your coat! We've got a high of 10 and a low of -6. That SO does not help me decide how warmly to dress!!

Brittany said...

yeah im sure the weather sucks up there. do you live in a nice area? i;ve always loved the thought of visiting canada, i always thought it would be pretty

Emma said...

ooh, candeeeeeee.
the girl was about sixteen, i guess.
and the only reason i didn't laugh at her was because she looked kind of badass and like she might physically hurt me, tutu or no.

Alex Richards said...

I love candy. But I'm trying to be all "health conscious" so I've been keeping to the boring stuff like sugar-free Twizzlers (not bad). I was thinking about making a healthy cheesecake--sounds gross, right? I'll try to make a healthy version of anything though. I'm loco like that.
You're classes look wicked. Good luck!

ps-are you and your sister twins? Cuz the resemblance is scary. (my sis and I are 5 years apart and people stop us on the street to ask if we're twins. Crazy.)

Brittany said...

alex: were not twins but we look like it haha like were exactly the same size, we wear each others clothing, we have eachother foot sze etc...

lauren said...

Arwen, you're forgetting that it rained that afternoon. You know tha saying about our city? If you don't like the weather, wait five minutes, it's true.

αrωεη said...

Totally true.

Brittany said...

i hate the rain

sulu-design said...

Love the teeth. And turbans.