Ok ok, so on the predictables, I "walked behind the desk" and the man banned me for the day! wtf? It's like my first quarter there sir! Monday is going to be iffy, because Tim Gunn is going to be there, so I will be busy all day with that. You guys will have to wait until friday for the predictables I guess!

I'm really into the band Soulwax right now. Especially their song Krack. So good. I love electronic music, it's so hot right now. Listen to it, and be amazed.

Is it wrong of me to be jealous of the fasion designers at my school just because they get to learn how to draw? I even bought a fashion drawing guide so I can be like them! Uh so jealous! I think I might take the sketching class for an elective next quarter just so I can learn to draw =)


lena/evilkitten said...

ARGH! Tim Gunn is gonna be there? He's my idol! I am so jealous! ARGH!

lena said...

Oh, whoops. It's not wrong of you to be jealous, just learn to draw. It's your first semester there- not your fifth. You'll be like "all them" one day, and some chick will be jealous of you.