So I just made and paid for my first set of Moo business mini-cards! I'm so excited (two weeks, arg) but I mean come on! I can give them to all of my new friends and family and teachers and just plain everyone! Everyne who is everyone should get these litle babies to give out. Seriously.

I have my first appointment with my career advisor tomorrow. Wish me luck on getting something corporate!

So on a website for school I found a certain amount of predictables. What would you like to hear about? Belts?
1.Artisan lacquered or natural raffia, wicker, cane and straw effects
2.Holographic and light-reflective finishes
those are my favorites
The Bell & Dirndl Dress
East/west shapes with strap and metal detailing
(taken from Doneger)
Of course, this is what is happening now. Heh. want to know whats coming up? oooh?
I'll give you a couple, make you come back for more on my next post.
the tech pant
the active dress
the minimal coat
no kidding!


Emma said...

ooh! i want business cards. but unfortunately i have no business. so my cards would just say "slacker-at-large, trained in tacky-clothes-wearing and celebrity mocking. graduated magna cum food from the university of face-stuffing."

Emma said...

oh, and i want to hear about ALL that stuff.

La Principessa said...

Dirndl dresses? Interesting. . . I coudl either really love that, or really hate it. I guess we'll see! But no Heidi for me, please.

αrωεη said...

Business cards are good. =D

You sound totally prepared for school!

lena/evilkitten said...

I have business cards for all my babysitting clients. Apparently I'm the most professional in the neighboor hood.