You might be saying "Brittany, what is that?" right about now. Well, hold you horses, I'm going to tell you what it is dag nagbit. It is a ball of mud. Yes, no joke, that is what it is. A phemonenon right now (did I spell that right? I'm lazy at the moment) in Japan, especially for kindergarden kids (as you might imagine) these Dorodangos have started to catch on here to. All you have to do is spend all freaking day sweating out the moisture in the mudball.

Take a look at the instructions at dorodango.com. I am definately making one of these babies I just have to hand the right cool looking dirt, because I love the way the one pictured here came out. It kind of brings me back to my old crafting days back when I was a kid. Seriously, doesn't it look like fun?


alexgirl said...

Oh my god I love it.
Seriously, how could anyone NOT love a ball of mud called a Dorodango.
You are so hip, Brittany!
Good luck finding cool looking dirt. Let me know if I can send you a dirt-y care package from the filthy sidewalks of NYC. ;)

Tru said...

that is completly random yet so cool

Brittany said...

i would love to have some dirt from nyc to make a dorodango with! oh my god that would be so cool! would you do it, please?

Brittany said...

Tru...thank you, I love your blog so much

La Principessa said...

Weird, and yet pretty damn appealing. Be sure to post about it if you make one!

Brittany said...

im planning on it!

Emma said...

Brittany, what is that?
A ball of mud?
Mais non! You lie!
It is?
I kind of want to make one.