Oh how I love jewelery...

So I made myself this necklace today. I know, totally creative, which I am not. I really really like it. I think I'm hooked on making this stuff. I have a class on it on the 22nd and I can't wait!

So I now know that I have shingles. What is shingles pretell? Well, it is the form of chicken pox one gets when one has already has chicken pox and you are really stressed out to the extreme. I however, do not know how I got this because I am not stressed out. Just pile on the medication.

I really don't understand this new wide leg jean trend popping up. I think it kinda makes your legs look wider (at least mine) but I might be eating my words later.

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La Principessa said...

Cute! I would totally wear that.

Bodies are a pain in the ass. I got a little bit of lotion in my eye yesterday, and now I look like I have 20 cases of conjunctivitus at once. I have to wear my glasses for a week. Feel better soon, though!