I got this handbag at Marshalls (yes you heard me right, Marshalls) for 6 dollars. Guess how much they're selling it online? %$! Oh, excuse me, I got too excited. 54 dollars online. A steal at 6. Now now, you might say its ugly, but I love to say "DARE" instead of boring Truth and so this bag was all me. Actually, I had thought it said darc, like dark, and my bag is aqua-light-baby-blue color so I thought "how ironic" and had to buy it. But the dare story is good too.
I almost bought the super cute guess heels but Allister thought that those were over the top.
The moral of the story is, everyone should at least look in their Marshalls once and a while. They might have good finds every once in a while.


Emma said...

i always go to marshalls with my granny!
shush. i'm a nerd.
i like that purse, actually.

Tru said...

too cool....I don't have a marshall's near by unfortunatly

Brittany said...

thats too bad, some of the shoes they have in there are awesome for the price