So now that I am moving to LA, I am now sending out resumes via craigslist.com and I have gotten a couple calls back. But one, that I am totally excited about, is True Religion Jeans. Wouldn't it be so cool to work there? YES! Eeek.


sulu-design said...

I've been out of blog-reading comission for a while and am just catching up on your last 8 posts! So...
great haircut
good luck with the move
good luck on the job front
thanks for the fashion predictions
Project Runway peeps - yay!

lena./evil said...

It would be cool to work there, but...

Emma said...

ah, craigslist.
such a good friend, supplying jobs, houses, everything you might need. Craig is a genius, whoever he is.
TRUE RELIGION? God, first you meet Tim Gunn, then you go out to L.A. and now you're getting a job at True Religion. Stop making me so jealous!