This is so cool...I'm in love. With pirate bread.

What, you ask? Well, let me explain. You see, I am addicted to Taste Spotting. I don't know if any of you know it, but I love looking over sweet, little crunchlets of food and their makers. So when I stumbled upon theis skull and crossbones toast! How completely wild is that!

Now, I'm not all that punk anymore, but I'm still a wild child on the inside, and this fits my cravings for crazy food all right! (Image taken from taste spotting)

Anyway, to get back to my life, I took Blue in to get fixed today and whoops, wrong monday! It's next monday for sure. I also went to see Breach, which was a fantastic movie based on a true story. I recommend completely.

Edit: I guess I should say where this toaster is located. It is a German product, and can be found here at Tom Wet.


Anonymous said...

So.. you wanna buy a box of cokkires? I have to sell them by the end of the day. i'll ship them to you... (it's a LOOOOOOOng story)

Brittany said...

cokkires? could you explain? thanks!